Coolies are the perfect summertime promo!

People can easily underestimate the marketing potential of beer bottle coolies and how these simple products can get you a huge return on your marketing investment. A coolie, also known as a koozie, is something that wraps around your drink bottle or can and keeps it cool. The surface of a coolie is the perfect place to put your company logo and contact information, but you need a good way to get that information in front of potential clients. As an example, let's walk through how a koozie is used to increased your marketing exposure at a customer appreciation event.

As customers arrive at the event, you present them with a free can koozies with your company information on it. The very first thought to go through each person's head is a feeling of gratitude at receiving a gift. Without spending a whole lot of money, you have already put each person at the event in a good mood and created strong, positive feelings towards your company. Each time your guests see your logo at the event, it will be a very positive experience.

During the course of the event, the custom beer koozies become topics of discussion for people. They are icebreakers that people use to meet each other and talk for the first time. If someone does not have a slim can koozie, then they ask how they can get one. Now your marketing piece is in demand and it is something every person at your event must have. You have elevated your company brand name to a level that would have required thousands of dollars in advertising in traditional mediums. An entire room of people have a very strong feeling about your company and all because of a simple, yet functional, marketing gift.

When the event is over, your customers and prospects leave the event with their koozies. Some coolies will get left behind, but most will be treasured reminders of the event and the generosity of your company. The great thing about these kinds of promotional gifts is that they can be used over and over again. Each time one of your event guests uses one of his personalized beer bottle koozies, he is bound to get questions from others in the room as to what it is and what company is printed on it. Because of a simple gift, you have someone who will give positive exposure for your company to an entire room full of people. When you think about how many koozies you gave out, then you can appreciate just how much return you will get on this investment. It will definitely inspire you to make your own koozie for your next event.

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